Are you feeling the Call?

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Oracle Deck

My Journey with the Oracle

I remember reaching for my first Oracle Deck at a women's Circle and feeling the pangs of excitement as I shuffled through the deck. I felt a buzz of electric energy shiver up my body as I reached for the card that I felt intuitively connected to... WOW! It was SO accurate. I knew right there and then I wanted to start reading the cards more deeply. I wanted to absorb their wisdom and use my intuitive knowing to dig deeper into questions and answers I knew I had as I continued on my spiritual journey.

Now I am SO excited that I get to share this magic with you! 

It's No coincidence you landed here!

I am so excited that we found each other and can connect through the magic of the oracle.

I first discovered oracle cards when I was on my own journey to connect back with Divinity and needed support in finding answers to the questions that were endlessly spinning round my mind (You know that feeling?) 


Oracle Deck

I soon discovered I had a gift for intuitively reading the messages and wisdom in the cards. I use my magic power of intuition to receive powerful downloads with messages that I can now pass on to you! 

What magic is in store for you?

What Magic Is In Store For You

Tap into the wisdom of the Cards

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What do I need to know before having a reading?

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Choose the reading that calls to you!

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You can choose between several Oracle Deck Readings- use your intuition to chose the one that you feel will hold the magic for you! 

Readings can be done online or in person 

You will receive a an email with the picture of the cards following the reading.

a 20 minute Intuitive Card Reading to show the evolution of a potential situation and what is beneficial for your highest good. 

a 25 minute Intuitive Card Reading for clarity about how a situation is still influenced by the past and how to move forward to step into your Goddess Power! Especially good around the Full Moon for release. 

a 30 minute Intuitive Card Reading to show the evolution of a potential situation, each card representing a stage in the awareness and manifestation of what you are asking about.

a 40 minute Intuitive Card Reading for planting seeds of intention to invoke the magic of manifesting. Especially good around the New Moon! 

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