1:1 Ancestral Healing Session- Reclaim Your Sovereignty


In honour of the book launch of RISE, an anthology of women’s stories to call back their power, I am offering you the gift of reclaiming your power!

Contact me at hello@shanibellacoaching.co.uk to schedule your session with me

To reclaiming your sovereignty!

Option for a 1 hour Deep Dive Ancestral Healing Session

When we are living from the wounded Masculine and Feminine Energy, we are not standing in our full truth and integrity. Holding onto the wounds and traumas of your ancestral line

Can prevent you from:

  • Showing up in our truth and attracting the right relationships into your lives
  • Showing up in trust and safety in your partnerships, business and relationships
  • Connecting to our true path
  • Sending a clear message in your communication
  • Feeling empowered to use your voice and your story
  • Feeling grounded and secure in your decisions
  • Remembering your own needs and desires
  • Creating the life YOU want, not that someone else wants for you
  • Releasing shame, guilt, bonds that keep you small and disconnected from your truth

When we explore what wounds and traumas you carry through your ancestral line, you can start to release these and come back into a sacred remembrance of you who truly are! AHO!

If you would like a deep dive into this, I am offering you an Ancestral Healing session to go DEEP! I don’t stay on the surface with my clients! Let’s access your inner child and shake up those shadows so you can stand in your TRUTH.

Cost: £88

Usually a value of £155!

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