Integrating Masculine and Feminine Energy for more truth and integrity Workshop



How can Masculine and Feminine Energy affect your business? 

We are all energy. We are energy in motion. We are constantly shifting, changing, giving and receiving.

We have been conditioned to act a certain way. To behave a certain way. To show up in the world in a certain way.

These don’t always serve us or feel fully aligned to our truth.

This workshop digs DEEP into our wounded masculine and feminine, our inner child hurts and how this plays out in our business, our relationships and our life.


In this workshop we will explore:

  • What Masculine and Feminine Energy is
  • The difference between wounded and divine energy
  • What inner wounds hold you back from your true self
  • How this can stop you from showing up in your total TRUTH in your biz!
  • How this affects your business, relationships and life
  • How you can use this to create more authentic, truthful offerings and relationships
  • How to integrate Masculine and Feminine energy for more harmony in your business, relationships and your personal life.

What Magic is in store for you:

💫 Deep dive session

💫  Group coaching

💫  Meditation

💫  Journaling

💫  Embodiment flow

💫  Workbook

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