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why does the feminine find it hard for her man to lead?


Your feminine secretly desires a man who will take you by the hand, claim you as his woman and lead the relationship. You want him to bring you home, throw you against the door, bend you over and make love to you.

You want him to decide where to take you, how to surprise you and how to command the situation.

You want him to take charge.

So why don't you let him?

Perhaps you heard or learnt the following things growing up:

Men are useless

Men always disappoint you

If you want a job done, do it yourself

You don’t need a man 

Men are good for nothings

Men are just after one thing

Don’t waste your time on a man

So what did your feminine subconsciously decide?

You’d best be the masculine and the feminine and get it all done alone!

You can’t trust men to get the job done, so you’d better do it all by yourself

He won’t satisfy your desires

He will disappoint you

He won’t commit

It’s not SAFE to trust him

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So you became:

naeim jafari MZJoFBxM x unsplash

Hyper independent
Over giving
Over doing

But secretly you desired...

Someone to hold YOU so YOU can receive. 

Someone you feel safe enough with to surrender into his leadership

Someone to hear you and your needs

To be able to let go and trust your men will show up, step up and deliver

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A conscious man who would make you feel SAFE

But the truth is...

To feel SAFE, you need to calibrate your nervous system

Release the trauma held deep inside your cellular system

Only THEN can you come back to safety and trust in your own body and feel safe to open up to trust in your man.

If this is speaking to you...

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