About Shani

It's no Coincidence you have landed here!

I am SO excited we have found each other and trust in the divine timing of this union! 

You’ve felt the call, something inside of you has been crying out to be held in sacred space and be fully

honoured for the truth of who you are. But perhaps… you’ve lost who that person is. 

I see you, I hear you, I honour you and I love you

I’ve been there! I know the longing to be held, fully held, with no judgment, no fear, no shame.

And I hear your call. If you step into trust… I will be here to hold you and guide you as you ascend into a new paradigm where you can stand fully in your Divine Masculine and allow your Divine Feminine to RISE! 

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Hi, I’m Shani!

It means scarlet thread, or the woven theme of a story. Like the red thread, I use my magic to weave people together in community and bring them home to the remembrance of who they truly are! I LOVE serving hear centred humans like you on a journey of discovery, spiritual connection, empowerment and transformation  so that you can return home to YOU!

I love serving straight from my heart to empower them, inspire them and help them step into a life of joy, flow and self mastery. I wake up everyday and feel excited to serve you. The Universe needs you!

I loved Shani’s energy from the moment I connected with her. She is genuine, raw and powerful in her space holding. I felt so safe in her presence and I’ve had such an incredible transformation since working with her! I highly recommend working with Shani if you are looking for profound and life changing shifts in your current reality. 

- Ciara

My Story

For so many years, there was something holding me back from being my true authentic self. I was constantly living in my head, controlling everything around me (oh hiiiii perfectionist!), planning everything to the dot and not leaving any room for flow or moments of rest. I was living in my masculine energy never feeling remotely feminine or giving my feminine side any attention at all! 

I spent far too long listening to my inner critic who was always telling me I wasn’t good enough, clever enough, beautiful enough, slim enough, strong enough or worthy of what I really deserved. Sometimes, this voice was so loud and so powerful that at times it felt I was struggling for air.

On the outside I looked like I had it all worked out, a great career, amazing friends, a caring partner and a healthy bank balance.  But inside, I knew something wasn’t right. I constantly had a niggling feeling inside of me that I had a higher calling, a greater purpose, that I was meant to be serving the world in a different way.

Working with Shani has been transformative. Her technique is unlike any other I’ve experienced before, using meditation and breathing techniques to work through any blocks and help me see what I truly want. The clarity I’ve received is really helping me travel towards my future with new vision and assurance!

- Louise L.

My Awakening

It took a total breakdown of everything I had ever known to have the most beautiful spiritual awakening and my healing journey began. I suffered from anxiety, indecision and didn’t love myself. I carried my shame on my shoulders and constantly felt overwhelmed, which led me to freeze and shut down. My masculine energy  was wounded and I thought the only way to succeed was to prove to the world how much I could do, give and be! 

After many retreats, breathwork sessions, spiritual guidance, journaling, sitting in women’s circles, experiencing pleasure in my body through wild dance and nature, I began the journey of reclaiming my sacred nature and returning home to the truth of who I really was! 

Does that sound familiar?

So often as humans, we are expected to be someone, do something, show something, juggle it all and still show up as the best version of ourselves! It’s exhausting!

This is an ongoing journey of discovery and expansion. 

I am, like you, a spiritual being in human form.

Everyday, I work on breaking the ancestral chains holding me back from living my true divine purpose .

Let’s embark on a journey together, find your connection back to source and embody your beautiful masculine and feminine energy so that you can return home to YOU and live your life with divine purpose.

My Roots

I was born and raised in London‭. Since then, I’ve called Singapore‭, Israel ‬and now‭, ‬England my home‭. I found myself disconnected in Singapore and reconnected with myself and my roots whilst living in Israel, which finally led me on a journey back to my original home in the UK, where I now live in the small but very beautiful city of Norwich! I love connecting with Mother Nature, tending to my veggies, going for long walks in the fields and wild swims in the cold North Sea! I live in a cute little Victorian Terrace with my Wily little moggy Smudge Stick! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see a lot more of her mischievous ways there! 

Having been an educator for teens for the past 13 years, I know that if young people knew their beauty and worth and were guided to stay true and authentic to who they are, they would enter their adult life with an abundance of self love, take responsibility for their health and happiness and shine their light out into the world! This is why I choose to work with Teens and Tweens as well as Adults.

Before working with Shani, I was unable to sleep due to anxiety, I am now able to determine the source of my anxiety in my body when I wake up in the night and “breathe out” the stress. She really digs deep in each session to get me creating awareness and guiding me home to me!

-- MEL C.

Are you ready to go on a journey with me to discover your inner magic?


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