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Yes sister!!


I'm so excited you've landed here!

It’s no coincidence we’ve found each other and I trust in the divine timing of this union! We both know that these coincidences don’t just happen don’t we! That’s the power of magic! 

You’ve felt the call, something inside of you has been crying out to be held in sacred space and be fully honoured for the truth of who you are. But perhaps… you’ve lost who that person is. 

I've got you!

If you are ready to live a lIBERATED life on YOUR terms
Reclaim your inner power
Free your voice
Ignite your inner fire
Feel alive and living life in your highest pleasure 
Find your feminine flow 
Connect deeply with your body 
Love your self wholly
Deepen your trust with yourself and the Divine


Are You Tired of...

Your fears holding you back?

Struggling to make decisions or avoiding them?

Feeling you’re not worthy of the life you desire?

Playing it small and dimming your light to fit in?

Feeling stuck personally, professionally or in relationships?

Feeling disconnected from yourself and your intuition?

Holding onto limiting patterns and beliefs

Not being seen, heard or witnessed?


then sis, it's time to go on a journey to reclaim your sovereignty!


Are You ready to...

Connect to your true divine nature and empower your life?
Shift your cellular system and step into your highest power?
Learn to love the whole of yourself?
Live your life with AUTHENTIC purpose?
Become a Spiritual Warrior?
Return to YOU?

I am here for your journey to liberation!

I’ve got your back! 

I support you to step into your sovereignty with the tools, knowledge, inner belief and confidence to do just that!

Whether you believe it or not right now, you are a true natural powerhouse, influencer, decision maker, change maker and you have a sacred mission to carry out on the Earth at this time! 

Now is the time to rise up into your  leadership and show the world how amazing you are!

As a guide, Shani is incredible with her abilities to work with my energies and allowed my being to unfold from the deepest fears and tension I’ve been carrying most of my life! It’s the most seen, held and supported I have ever felt and since working with Shani I’ve left my job that I was unhappy in, found the love of my life and we are traveling around the world experiencing things in full joy! I can’t recommend a breathwork journey with Shani enough! 

- Ashley S

Now is your time!

I integrate all my Ancestral Healing and Breathwork methods with concepts of spiritual philosophy, energy work, light language and growth connection to the intuitive self. This creates a holistic blend of tools and practices that lead to changes in thinking and behaviours. You will leave each session feeling more:
Then you can then start to really explore your divine purpose, what you came to this world to do! It’s very exciting to see your Inner Goddess Light up and for life start to flow more easily again.

What is Feminine Awakening?

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Have you recently found yourself questioning all that you ever once knew to be true? Maybe you are questioning why you are really here, what the purpose of this is! 

Perhaps your career, your friends, relationships or your hobbies just don’t feel in alignment for you anymore but you can’t understand why!

You desire MORE!! A  different way of living that lights your fire from within and leaves you feeling like you are bathing in the sweet, juicy nectar of life! 

But you might feel ashamed or guilty of this, as you start to ask for MORE, desire MORE, create MORE!

Sister, you are probably going through a spiritual awakening! 


Take a deep breath... don't fear!

 Even though it can feel really uncomfortable and scary as the veil is lifted and you start to unlearn all that you once believed to be your true existence, it can also be really exciting!!

This means you get to break down ALL the walls that have kept you in limitation and get to explore all realms and possibilities! I am here to support you through your  FEMININE AWAKENING process so that you can navigate your way back to yourself in truth and safety. 

If this is lighting a fire inside of you and you feel a F*CK yes energy reading my words I invite you into my vortex to come and play in these realms and liberate yourself from the chains that bind you! 
My 1:1 journeys will take you through a DEEP transformation that will leave you feeling more liberated and empowered than ever to make those decisions you’ve been avoiding, leaving behind that which no longer serves your highest good and creating a more intentional life that feels aligned, alive and free! 

My temple of Offerings!

 Below you will find my offerings and different pathways you can take to your liberation! 

Each one is unique and one may feel more aligned for you

This is something we can discuss in an Alchemy Call and you are free to ask me as many questions as you like! We are at a tipping point of humanity and your healing and path to wild liberation matters to me because I KNOW that when you do this work, you are not only doing it for yourself, but for your ancestors, your future generations, your partner, your family and your community! 

The Liberated Woman!

8 month 1:1 Container for the woman who knows she wants more!  This is my highest level of mentorship and guidance and as such, I only invite in women who are well resourced, self led and fully committed to their healing journey

Breathwork Sessions

Are you ready to release old traumas and overcome limiting beliefs? 1:1 guided Breathwork sessions will bring you back to the truth of who you are. This is open to men and women.

Ancestral Healing

Are you ready to liberate yourself from ancestral trauma?  We’ll work deeply on breaking ancestral ties & develop practices so you can reclaim your feminine and masculine power & manifest the reality you desire!

Light Language Activations

 Activations in light language speak to your very essence, shifting the unseen origins of all issues and allow your new vibration to shift your reality! AHO!

The Liberated Woman!

This is my highest level of facilitation and guidance and therefore I only work with women who are fully committed to doing the work to liberate themselves and create a new paradigm for the way you walk through life.

What Does My Journey Look Like? 

The real question is… what will it feel like?

This is a deep journey that requires you to be fully ready to surrender to ALL your shadows, your wounds and your icky, uncomfortable truths. If that is you… read on!

We will work deeply in a safe and sacred container where we will take a journey together to dig deeeeep into your shadows, wounds that have been sabotaging you in all areas of your life so that we can alchemise them and you can live a life that feels authentic, aligned and honouring of who you truly are.

This is a POWERFUL and POTENT journey for the woman who knows she

is meant for MORE

The woman who says F*ck yes to her own expansion.

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What will we work on?

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What is my investment?

Shani is a deep and intuitive healer. She’s led many women’s circles around the world, connecting to the beauty of it and finding her place in it. She’s encouraging, engaging and loving in her approach and guides you to make your own choices by empowering you to listen to your own heart. I felt so safe in her space and the transformation I felt after 12 sessions with her was incredible!

- Rachel R.

Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions

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This face-to-face or online guided breathwork uses the power of conscious connected breathing to work on unpeeling the layers of limiting beliefs, traumas and memories that have been keeping you in fear and stopping you from stepping into your shine!

Through the power of using the breath in a connected circular way, that is, without pausing between the inhale and exhale, a flow of energy is created in the body. This energy flow allows for the release of stuck or stagnant negative emotions which have remained stored in the cellular memory of the body. This deep journey brings you to a deep state of bliss, clarity and understanding about yourself or specific issues you are facing.

It is an ongoing transformative journey, which helps you master your mind, body and soul, allowing you to achieve a state of bliss through release, cultivating safety in your body, clarity and abundance in your daily life.

Why commit to breathwork sessions?

What Does My Rebirthing Journey Look Like? 

What is my investment?

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This is a journey and a process and journeys and processes take time, patience, love and compassion therefore I offer this over 6 months in a series of 12 sessions

If you want to experience a session before committing to a longer term container you can book your session below

Shani has a wealth of knowledge, experience and tools to safely guide her clients to work through trauma. During my sessions, Shani used conscious connected breathing, energy work, dance/movement, and guided meditation as a way for me to access my subconscious mind and memories so that I could understand myself better and consciously change limiting thoughts and patterns that were not serving my highest good.

- MAryam K

Ancestral Healing

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Are you ready to Liberate yourself from the traumas passed down to you from your ancestors?

Through these powerful healing sessions, we will work together on:


What Does My Journey Look Like? 

gentle reminder held


What is my investment?

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This is a journey and a process and journeys and processes take time, patience, love and compassion. I will be in my Divine Masculine to hold you safely but I won’t always tread softly with you. Be prepared to be triggered as I call you out on your saboteurs and quantum leap you into your ascended version of  YOU! 

If you want to experience a session before committing to a longer term container you can book your session below

Ancestral Healing sessions with Shani helped me to release blocks and let go of beliefs I wasn’t aware were holding me back! She supported me through the sessions with care and loving guidance. Now I feel more free and confident than ever! I would highly recommend this amazing journey to everyone!

- Emma C.

Light Language Activations

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In one simple session, you will feel as though you’ve been energetically cleansed and supported by the wings of angels!  

Light language is language of the soul and heart, a channeled multidimensional language which brings sound and energy from spirit into the physical. It’s a transmission of high frequency energy that channels through me to support healing at a multidimensional level. When I speak, sing and move light language, it erupts from my soul as a pure code of light and and I feel alive and free! Light language doesn’t need to be understood by the mind but felt by the soul and heart. 

I’m excited to share it with you because I’ve witnessed time and again how potent it is when I’m holding my 1:1 breathwork journeys for my Liberated Woman ladies and how I use it for my own healing and clearing.

I tune into your body and the ancestral trauma it’s holding, use my hands to move the stuck energy or pain, use spoken or sung light language to rewrite your cellular codes (kinda like a cosmic multidimensional computer programmer!) and use my hand movements to shift the energy into light! It really is THAT cosmic! 

When I channel light language or soul language, it comes through in various forms as sound healing or movement healing that can help you connect with higher realms of consciousness. It can be expressed through:

🗣️VOICE (singing/toning/chanting/speaking)

🙌🏼 HANDS ( body (movement/intuitive hand gestures).

📝 WRITING ( channeling codes and symbols)

Light language communicates to the soul. It is not something you have to understand with the human mind, it is rather something you feel deep inside of your heart. It brings through powerful vibrations and codes that support you to process shifts in consciousness, release deeply held blockages and bring us in touch with our truth. It is here to awaken and activate.

Honestly, it’s one of the most powerful healing tools I have ever been gifted and I am beyond grateful to share it with you!


Through these powerful 4o minute healing sessions, I will support you at a multidimensional level to clear blocked pathways by

Light Language
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