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Are you tired of feeling...

You are not seen, heard or witnessed?

You are struggling with making decisions?

Your fears are holding you back?

You are self Sabotaging?

You are not worthy?

Playing it small and dimming your light to fit in?

You are blocked personally, professionally or in life?

You are disconnected from yourself and your inner knowing?

You are holding onto limiting patterns and beliefs that stop you from stepping into your true path?

You are dealing with trauma that keeps you trapped where you are?

Are You ready to reclaim Your sovereignty and:

your are a goddess Shine your Light The Universe needs you

Connect to your true divine nature and empower your life?

Shift your cellular system and step into your highest power?

Learn to love the whole of yourself?

Live your life with AUTHENTIC purpose?

Become a Spiritual Warrior?

Return to YOU?

Awaken your feminine

Sometimes it can be bold and brave to be you, the real authentic you that wants to be seen, heard and honoured.

To have the confidence to say, “This is ME! Unapologetically ME!  This is what I want to do, and this is the change I want to make in the world.

This is the ‘me’ I want to be”.

I hear you. I see you. I honour you and I love you.

I’ve walked this path and have met so many of my demons and shadows along the way!

I’ve got your back! I support you to step into your sovereignty with the tools, knowledge, inner belief and confidence to do just that!

Whether you believe it or not right now, you are a true natural powerhouse, influencer, decision maker, change maker and you have a sacred mission to carry out on the Earth at this time! Now is the time to rise up into your  leadership and show the world how amazing you are!


My Magic Power

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Activating and unlocking your inner Divine Masculine and Feminine power so that you can live your life aligned with your true mission and in your truth!

Your inner remembrance is calling out to you to be seen, heard, witnessed and honoured.

It’s waiting for you to awaken your true soul essence within and embody all that you get to gift into the world. 

Goddess awakening and divine feminine empowerment

I integrate all my healing and Breathwork methods with concepts of spiritual philosophy, energy work and growth connection to the intuitive self . This creates a holistic blend of tools and practices that lead to changes in thinking and behaviours. You will leave each session feeling more:

Then you can then start to really explore your divine purpose, what you came to this world to do! It’s very exciting to see your Inner Goddess Light up and for life start to flow more easily again.

Spiritual Guidance

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Have you recently found yourself questioning all that you ever once knew to be true? Maybe you are questioning why you are really here, what the purpose of this is! Or perhaps people, your career, relationships or your hobbies just don’t feel in alignment for you anymore but you can’t understand why?

You are probably going through a spiritual awakening! 

Take a deep breath… don’t fear! Even though it can feel really uncomfortable and scary as the veil is lifted and you start to unlearn all that you once believed to be your true existence, it can also be really exciting!! This means you get to break down ALL the walls that have kept you in limitation and get to explore all realms and possibilities! 

I am here to support you through your ascension process so that you can navigate your way back to your truth in safety.


Through Spiritual Guidance we work on:

What Does My Journey Look Like? 

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What is my investment?


I only ask of you that you are fully committed to your healing and awakening journey so that our time together is serving you for the highest good.

As this is a journey, and journeys take time, patience, love and compassion (with a little bit of hard truth!) I offer three options:

Shani is a healer. She’s led many women’s circles for teens and adults around the world. Connecting to the beauty of it and finding her place in it. She’s encouraging, engaging and loving in her approach and guides you to make your own choices by empowering you to listen to your own heart.

- Rachel C.

Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions

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This face-to-face or online guided breathwork uses the power of conscious connected breathing to work on unpeeling the layers of limiting beliefs, traumas and memories that have been keeping you in fear and stopping you from stepping into your shine!

Through the power of using the breath in a connected circular way, that is, without pausing between the inhale and exhale, a flow of energy is created in the body. This energy flow allows for the release of stuck or stagnant negative emotions which have remained stored in the cellular memory of the body. This deep journey brings you to a deep state of bliss, clarity and understanding about yourself or specific issues you are facing.

It is an ongoing transformative journey, which helps you master your mind, body and soul, allowing you to achieve a state of bliss and abundance in your daily life.

the breathwork sessions
Why commit to breathwork sessions?

What Does My Rebirthing Journey Look Like? 

What is my investment?

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This is a journey and a process and journeys and processes take time, patience, love and compassion 

The breathwork sessions with Shani helped me to release blocks and let go of beliefs I wasn’t aware were holding me back! She supported me through the sessions with care and loving guidance. Now I feel more free and confident than ever! I would highly recommend this amazing journey to everyone!

- Bea B.

Ancestral Healing

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Are you ready to Liberate yourself from the traumas passed down to you from your ancestors?

Through these powerful healing sessions, we will work together on:


What Does My Journey Look Like? 

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What is my investment?

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This is a journey and a process and journeys and processes take time, patience, love and compassion. I will be in my Divine Masculine to hold you safely but I won’t always tread softly with you. Be prepared to be triggered as I call you out on your saboteurs and quantum leap you into your ascended version of YOU! 

Before working with Shani, I was unable to sleep due to anxiety, I am now able to determine the source of my anxiety in my body when I wake up in the night and “breathe out” the stress. She really digs deep in each session to get me creating awareness and guiding me home to me!

- Mel C.

Teen Power Coaching

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teen power coaching for parents and teens

Through these powerful coaching sessions we will work on:



These specifically tailored coaching sessions allow you to get the confidence you need to shine your teen light into the world!

teen power coaching for parents and teens



These specifically tailored coaching sessions allow you to get the confidence you need to shine your teen light into the world!

Parents, I know parenting teens and tweens can be a minefield and a rollercoaster ride!

I have worked in education as a teacher with teens for over 10 years! Believe me, I know deep down they all want to shine their light bright, some just have their lights dimmed along the way.

I am a trained Youth Mentor with Shine From Within and have a wealth of experience in how to work with teens and tweens to keep them authentically on their path and stepping into their shine!


What is my investment?

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This is a journey and a process and journeys and processes take time, patience, love and compassion. I will work gently with your teen or tween to really support them in their journey to shine their light into the world! 

Shani has helped me find answers about myself I never knew. She helped me to see the bigger picture of every situation I’m facing and clean up some things in my life so I can heal and become a better version of myself! Thank you so much!

- Sose S. Tween Girl

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A sacred temple space for women on their spiritual awakening path who desire to feel SAFE as they embrace their feminine essence and step into their feminine power and leadership by integrating the High Masculine energy for sacred union, harmony and aligned balance.

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