For the woman who KNOWS she has a deep calling and desire fizzing in the seat of her soul that wants to be activated and birthed into this world!
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With a potent AF opening ceremony, a LIVE breathwork journey, a powerful closing ceremony and daily drop ins on telegram with tasks, challenges and inner child healing, you will leave this container feeling like your                 
So that you are ready to take the bold and courageous moves to create the life you desire! 

We start on January 25th!

So get ya self in now to activate your desire! 
Your soul desire will niggle at you like that annoying little stone at the bottom of your shoe that won’t go away until you finally step up and make the bold move!
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Imagine this...

You wake up and you are living the visions you created on your vision board because you worked through the resistance and the fears that stopped you from listening to your


You have deep trust in your intuition and know how to use your discernment so that you can live a life that feels joyful, juicy, aligned and expansive!

You are living your purpose from a place of ease, love and fulfilment…whether that’s finally leaving the career you hate and finding your dream career, or having the relationship of your dreams! 

You have the confidence to express your self or take yourself to places you didn’t think was possible for you! 

Yes sister!!

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I'm so excited you've landed here!

It’s no coincidence you’ve arrived here because that’s what happens when you are on the path to feminine awakening and your soul is calling to you to hear it’s whispers to bring  your deepest desires into your reality!

The universe leads you to the right people at the right time and when you follow the trail of breadcrumbs you will end up at a yummy feast! 

I see you… You’ve felt the call, something inside of you tells you that you are here for MORE!

That the life you have been living up until now is crumbling down and you are awakening to a new possibilities for your reality but it feels overwhelming and confusing and you have no idea where to turn! 

I've got you sis!

Think of your Soul like a vast, primordial cosmos of infinite possibilities that lies within you!
It’s the expansive, wildness that lives within your womb, your heart and your cellular system.
If you answered the impatient inner child, you are more likely blocking your desire deep wounded masculine mistrust than truly tuning into it and allowing it to birth when the time is right from a place of your sacred feminine essence.
Your soul desire and your soul purpose needs time, devotion and reverence.
You wouldn’t want someone walking into your house and start demanding you to make a cup of tea, make them dinner and bring their slippers NOW!
That would just make you go ‘er no, thanks, you can f*ck off!’
So WHY would you do that with your desires?

Sister,  if you are reading this like ‘Oh my Goddess this makes SO MUCH sense!’ you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that you have come to the right place to get all the tools, healing and empowerment you need to set your SOUL ON FIRE and call your visions into reality! 

We start on January 25th!

If you’ve read this far I know you are feeling the fizz of excitement in your soul! 

This is ALL possible for you in this 3 week journey! 

SOUL ON FIRE takes you on a DEEPER journey… this is not your average manifestation course, it’s not a ‘quick fix distraction’- cause honestly, you will always manifest what you need, not what you want and that doesn’t always look pretty!

Let’s tune into your true SOUL DESIRES and create the energy around them to call them in for your WILD LIBERATION!

We start on January 25th!

When I ignored my soul's desires...

I ended up in an abusive relationship for 3 years because that’s what I thought I deserved. 
I ended up a selective mute for several years because I couldn’t connect with my body, my desires or trust that I wouldn’t f*ck it all up again. 
I ended up in jobs that made me ill, depleted, unappreciated and resentful. 
I Knew something wasn’t right in my relationship, my teaching career that I’d been in for 12 years at the time and felt hugely disillusioned by the life I was living!
I bought ALL the crystals! Followed ALL the coaches, Thought that oracle cards knew ALL the answers to my problems…
Then realised I was outsourcing my power instead of fully listening into my intuition and my soul’s calling that got louder and louder until I couldn’t ignore it anymore! 
I realised at that point, I couldn’t navigate it alone…

This is why I created Soul on Fire!

Because I KNOW what it feels like to have a deep rooted desire but be too scared to listen to it and do the healing work necessary to remove the blocks, resistance and mistrust that then allow you to open up to the limitless possibilities of what your soul is truly calling for you to do! 

Because I KNOW that even though it’s exciting to discover that there is something MORE out there than the lie you’ve been conditioned to live… and your soul is calling you to make deep changes and transformations it feels so frickin scary to make the moves! 

We start on January 25th!

When I started listening deeply to my soul's desires...

🔥 I Moved countries and lived in exotic lands… twice! 
🔥 I prayed to move  to Costa Rica to explore community living and when you join me for this journey I will be doing exactly that! 
🔥 I left relationships that were not serving me and called in my dream life partner through the power of prayer and removing the blocks that left me feeling unworthy of a loving, expansive, committed partnership! 
🔥 I founded my business, created community and serve amazing women to pave their way to WILD LIBERATION! 
I found my soul family and called in the people into my life that are on the same path as me, support me and journey with me!


🔥 I bought my house with ease and created my sanctuary! 


🔥 I opened my psychic gifts and started using them to help heal other people and myself! 
🔥 And I KNOW the possibilities are endless because I trust in the magic of the fire that lives deep in my soul and calls for me to listen to what it desires in every moment! 
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We start on January 25th!

Soul on Fire is for you if...

🔥 You are ready to Remove the blocks and fears that stop you from listening to what your soul is truly calling for!
🔥 You are ready to Connect to your true SOUL DESIRE and create big shifts in your life
🔥 you are ready to take the courage to take aligned action to create the life you desire 


🔥 Shift your beliefs at a cellular system and step into your highest power


🔥 Learn to listen to your SOULS CALLING and SET YOUR SOUL ON FIRE! 


🔥 Live your life with AUTHENTIC purpose

Soul on Fire is not for you if...

you are not willing to fully commit to this 3 week journey 


you prefer to stay in your comfort zone 
you aren’t willing to dive into your shadow to look at what’s blocking you from calling in your soul’s desires
you think you are not worthy of living the life you desire! 
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ALL this for just £222!!!
When you join the ENVISON 2024 workshop on  10th January you get an extra bonus!!! 
So if you are feeling the fizzle of desire bubbling up in side your womb, listen to the inner calling, join the workshop now! 

We start on January 25th!

What You get...

🔥 A live opening ceremony on zoom to start the 3 week journey- January 25th at 7:30pm 
🔥 3 weeks of soulful activities, challenges, somatic practices, journaling prompts , meditations, a playlist AND a live breathwork journey- date to be confirmed! 


🔥 A sacred container inside telegram where the daily challenges will drop and you can share your progress with other like minded souls on the journey with you! 
🔥 A live closing ceremony on zoom to close the 3 week journey 
Soul on Fire Insta content

We start on January 25th!

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