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Feminine Awakening Guide, Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator and Ancestral healer

Your Awakening is your evolution and your invitation to remember the Divine truth of who you are!

Hi, I’m Shani!

Feminine Awakening Guide, Breathwork Facilitator and Ancestral Healer.

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I am here to remind you of how powerful you truly are and guide you as you awaken & integrate your masculine & feminine energy to reclaim your DIVINE TRUTH and walk in your highest mission! 


It seems to me that nothing is more important on earth at this time of great awakening for humanity than to walk your path with SACRED MISSION!

The truth is, we all have a mission, a purpose, a reason we arrived on Earth at this time. It’s just that somewhere on the way, it may have been buried under the layers of things we were taught we should be or what society expected of us!

I am here to remind you that you deserve to live your life with true divine purpose. That you deserve to heal your wounds, love yourself and shine your beautiful light out into the world. Know that you are so worthy of investing the time into creating a space of healing, empowerment and transformation so that you can come back to living your life in TRUTH without any fear of judgement! 

Through my own life journey- the break ups and the breakdowns- I have learnt that the only way to show up to the world authentically and live our higher calling is to empower  yourself from all the limiting beliefs and unconscious trauma patterns holding you back. If that ignites a feeling of uncomfortableness in you… you are probably ready to do the work! 

Sometimes we just need someone to show us our light, to inspire us to shine it out brightly into the world, to guide us and give us the space, time and tools we need to do this. YOU deserve this.

Planet earth needs YOU!

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Are you struggling with making decisions?

Are you unable to move forward in life?

Have you been feeling disconnected from yourself and your feminine magic?

Are you ready to connect to your true divine nature and empower your life?

Are you holding onto limiting patterns and beliefs that stop you from stepping into your true path?

Are you dealing with trauma that keeps you trapped where you are?

Do you want to live your life with AUTHENTIC purpose?

Are you looking to return to YOU?

Now Is The Time!


From My Heart To Yours

I truly know that this is how I can serve you. I am here to help you leave fear in the past and step into your power and live your life with the freedom and joy you deserve. All you have to do is take the first step and trust that you are worthy of love, expansion and joy to live the life you desire.

Step into a journey with me and together we will reveal your true magic!

The Breathwork Sessions:
Pure healing – one of the most powerful techniques I’ve ever tried! ️

- Beata b.

Now Is Your Time!

The truth is, you are a human navigating yourself through an increasingly confusing and painful world. but you don’t have to stay in that narrative!

You are a sovereign being. 

You are a powerful being 

You are a Divine Being

Now is the time to awaken, remember and reclaim it! 

You are worthy of living the life you have always desired and shining your authentic light out into the world.

Want to learn more about how you can be your own guide, Reclaim your Sovereignty, remember  your  true essence , create your dream life and turn it into your reality? 


It’s time to go on an inner journey to find the answers within yourself. Whether it’s working with me through 1:1 healing sessions, 1:1 Breathwork sessions, attending one of my workshops, womens’ circles or group breathing circles, I will be your hammock and support you on this magical journey.

I am ready to show up and serve you. 

The question is are you?

Ways We Can Work Together

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The liberated Woman!

For the woman who KNOWS she is ready to live the live she truly desires on HER terms. No more F*cking around!

You, me, in a juicy AF container that is going to leave you feeling lit up and ready to take on the world with your magic! This is my highest level of guidance and mentorship and as such I only work with women who are commited to their growth.

Breathwork Sessions

Are you ready to release old traumas and overcome limiting beliefs?

1:1 guided Breathwork sessions will bring you back to the truth of who you are.

Ancestral Healing

Are you ready to liberate yourself from ancestral trauma? 

We’ll work deeply on breaking ancestral ties & develop practices so you can reclaim your feminine and masculine power & manifest the reality you desire!

Breathing Circles

Reclaim your sovereignty and build community in a group setting with monthly breathing circles.

Sacred Sisterhood Circles

Gather in sacred circle with your sisters to be held in ceremony so that you can feel truly seen, heard, witnessed, nourished and connected.

Join Shani's Facebook group, The Divine School of Feminine Awakening:

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A sacred temple space for women on their spiritual awakening path who desire to feel SAFE as they embrace their feminine essence and step into their feminine power and leadership by integrating the High Masculine energy for sacred union, harmony and aligned balance

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