Thank you for choosing to spend this cosmic time with me on a journey into the power of your breath to connect to the remembrance of your Divine Feminine and Masculine Essence and awaken and reclaim your birthright.

Breath brings new life… always!


We come into this world and take our first breath. We leave this world and take our last breath. And in between, we forget to breathe!


True story. So many of us are holding onto our breath. Forgetting to deeply connect to the most beautiful and profound tool we have in our cosmic kit! And guess what… once we learn how use it properly, it’s totally FREE!

The simple and profound practice of actively using conscious connected breathing to fill yourself with oxygen and move stuck energy out of your body feels like the most beautiful meditation, a trip across the universe, defying time and space and the biggest crying fest you’ve ever had and the most blissful sleep at the end!

You are a sovereign being!

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Years of conditioning, programming and living your life on other people’s terms means that so many of us don’t know who we truly are. We conform to fit in. To feel validated. But now, more than ever it is the time to RECLAIM your TRUTH and find your own personal power to hold your boundaries in a world that is stripping you of all your freedoms. Mastering the breath will give you the gift of being able to step back into your own mastery, your own power and reclaim your truth.

When you claim your power back you:

what can I expect?

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 This online guided breathwork uses the power of conscious connected breathing to work on unpeeling the layers of limiting beliefs, traumas and memories that have been keeping you in fear and stopping you from remembering who you truly are!

In this workshop, I will share with you about the transformational power of Rebirthing Breathwork and the concepts it is based on. (You might want to bring your journal and pen!) We will then go through an energy cycle in which you will experience the alchemy of breathwork in releasing deep subconscious stored energy or emotions to bring you closer to your divine state of being.


Why Breathwork?

Through the power of using the breath in a connected circular way, that is, without pausing between the inhale and exhale, a flow of energy is created in the body. This energy flow allows for the release of stuck or stagnant negative emotions which have remained stored in the cellular memory of the body. This deep journey brings you to a deep state of bliss, clarity and understanding about yourself or specific issues you are facing.

It is an ongoing transformative journey, which helps you master your mind, body and soul, allowing you to achieve a state of bliss and SOVEREIGNTY in your daily life.

I will be able to offer 1:1 integration sessions online following the community event should you feel you need ongoing support or guidance.

How do the circles work?

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For now these are live on Zoom

We’ll begin in circle, claiming our intentions for our practice.

I will share with you about Rebirthing breathwork and what it can offer you. Then you’ll get comfy on your mats to begin a 45-minute breathwork journey, guided by me through your practice.

The whole workshop is about 2 hours.

You’ll use the fullness and healing power of each breath to feel your intentions, move through your limitations, nourish your nervous system, and deeply connect with your own energy and wisdom.

Our group size will be limited so you can receive individual support and guidance.

We’ll close in circle, with plenty of time for sharing and integration.



How does it benefit me?

No previous experience is required, just a willingness to explore the process.

While the breathing practice is different for everyone and each journey is unique, some benefits and experiences may include: 

What do I need to bring?

A blanket or two (you can experience a change in body temperature)

A yoga mat

Comfy clothing

Journal and pen for the end

Somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed! 

It’s good to let your partner/housemate/whoever you live with that you will be doing this journey and will likely need some space after for integration and processing so that they don’t get upset if you need to take space or so they can support you or have a conversation with you if you need it! 


I can’t wait to see you 


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A sacred temple space for women on their spiritual awakening path who desire to feel SAFE as they embrace their feminine essence and step into their feminine power and leadership by integrating the High Masculine energy for sacred union, harmony and aligned balance

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