For the womb-man who KNOWS she has a big audacious vision sitting in the seat of her womb that wants to be activated and birthed into this world!

Join for a ceremony to call in your wildest visions and start 2024 with a sacred YES!


Imagine this...

You wake up and you are living the visions you created on your vision board because you worked through the resistance and the fears that stopped you from listening to your


You have deep trust in the VISIONS that are placed in your heart from God, your ancestors and your guides who are walking with you to encourage and cheer you on the path of wild liberation!

You are living your purpose from a place of ease, love and fulfilment...whether that’s finally leaving the career you hate and finding your dream career, having the relationship of your dreams or moving countries! 

Having the confidence to express your self, take that training, start your business or take yourself to places you didn’t think were possible for you! 

Sister, this is MORE THAN possible for you! 

Having a vision on your own is powerful but when you come together as a coven of magical women in ceremony, ritual and connection, your visions are amplified and the vortex of energy that is created will leave you feeling so juicy and alive that your vision will start to lead YOU! 

When you join ENVISION, you will be held in a beautiful sacred ceremony with a circle of other visionary women. Let’s tune into your true, womb centred visions and create the energy around them to call them in for your WILD LIBERATION!

Wednesday 10th January \ 7:30PM

Your role as a visionary woman

 is important now more than ever! In a patriarchal system that is crumbling before our very eyes, the world needs a NEW way, the FEMININE way. Believing in creating a new paradigm on Earth, and grounding it in through the courageous action it takes to call this into your reality is not for anyone! It is for the woman who KNOWS she is here to walk the brave path and live from the seat of her soul! It’s for the woman who’s walked lifetimes of struggle and IS the CYCLE BREAKER of the family- the womb-man who’s literally here to break chains for her ancestors, herself and her legacy.

I see you! 


Consider this your invitation sister!

Join us for this Ceremony to ENVISION your year, through ceremony, prayer, intentions and all whilst being held by a coven of visionary women to amplify your MAGIC! 

Wednesday 10th January \ 7:30PM

womens circles

In this ceremony we will:

💎 Get crystal clear on your dreams and goals 💎

I’ll lead you through a meditation journey with your higher self. Say a fond farewell to playing small and mediocre dreams- you my queen deserve to call in your highest possible timeline! 

🧡 Call upon Source energy 🧡

I will guide you to your highest vision that feels juicy, alive and aligned!

🖋️ Journal, reflect and share 🖋️

I’ll  support you to get your visions onto paper and create a clear pathway for you to refer back to by the end of 2024 when you are living the life you envisioned!

 🔥Honour and release  🔥

Be held as you honour the version of you that has got you here and kept you safe and let her go with love so you can welcome in the Goddess in you that is ready to say HEAVEN YES to her dreams! 

 Surrender to magic of the journey: 

Let me hold space for any fears, blocks or resistances that may arise in calling in your vision and alchemise the way you view these using Light Language activations so that you can step out of your own way and connect more deeply with your vision.  Let me hold you as we have a fire release ceremony clearing  whatever you are leaving behind in 2023 and claim what you are calling forth into 2024 from a more truthful and embodied place.

 🔮 CLAIM your vision!  🔮

When it comes to bringing that vision into reality it’s not enough just to say it, you need to FEEL it and your nervous system to feel SAFE to EMBODY it. 

❤️‍🔥 INTEGRATE your vision! ❤️‍🔥

 There will be some soul work for you to do after the ceremony so you can anchor that vision in!

🔥 AND there will be a special bonus offer for those of you that attend live! 🔥

Wednesday 10th January \ 7:30PM

Envision is for you if.

womens circles
🔥 You are ready to Remove the blocks and fears that stop you from listening to what your soul is truly calling for! 
🔥 You are ready to Connect to your BIG VISIONS DESIRE and create big shifts in your life
🔥 you are ready to have the courage to take aligned action to create the life you desire!


🔥 Shift your beliefs at a cellular system and step into your highest power


🔥 Learn to listen to your visions and trust that they have been placed on your heart for a reason!


🔥 Live your life with AUTHENTIC purpose 
🔥 Walk into 2024 fired up and with the confidence of a GODDESS dripping in gold!

Wednesday 10th January \ 7:30PM

When I started trusting the visions that were placed on my heart..

🔥 I Moved countries and lived in exotic lands… twice! AND I am about to do it again for a THIRD time except this time it feels EVEN more juicy and expansive because of the prayer and the vision I held for this dream! (I’ll share more in the ceremony!)  
🔥 I left relationships that were not serving me and called in my dream life partner through the power of prayer and removing the blocks that left me feeling unworthy of a loving, expansive, committed partnership!  
🔥 I founded my business, created community and serve amazing women to pave their way to WILD LIBERATION! 


🔥 I found my soul family, called in the people into my life that are on the same path as me to support and journey with me!


🔥 I bought my house with ease and created my sanctuary that has helped heal SO many women (and men too!) 


🔥 I opened my psychic gifts and started using them to help heal other people and myself!  
🔥 And I KNOW the possibilities are endless because I trust in the magic of the fire that lives deep in my soul and calls for me to listen to what it desires in every moment!  
Think of your  VISION like a gift that has been placed in your womb by a higher source that WANTS to see you THRIVE, feel WILDLY JUICY, ALIVE and LIBERATED! 
It’s the expansive, wildness that lives within your womb, your heart and your cellular system that says ‘YES queen, you get to have your dreams AND be bold and brave to claim them as your own even if the patriarchy has told you for hundreds of years that you can’t because you are a womb-man!’


Wednesday 10th January \ 7:30PM

What happens if I can’t make it live? 

Sign up anyway and you will get the replay!!

BUT you won’t get the special bonus that will ONLY be given to people who attend live! 

I've got you sis!

I can’t WAIT to ENVISION a better world with you and see you walk your path to 
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