For the woman who is at the start of her feminine awakening journey, feels overwhelmed and confused AF but wants to feel seen, validated and safe, so she can stop hiding, and embrace the gifts that are ready to be awoken!

Next Intake starts 20th September!

Yes sister!!

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I'm so excited you've landed here!

It’s no coincidence you’ve landed here because that’s what happens when you are on the path to feminine awakening!  The universe leads you to the right people at the right time and when you follow the trail of breadcrumbs you will end up at a yummy feast! 

I see you… You’ve felt the call, something inside of you tells you that you are here for MORE! That the life you have been living up until now is crumbling down and you are awakening to a new possibilities for your reality but it feels overwhelming and confusing and you have no idea where to turn! 

I've got you sis!

Have you recently found yourself questioning all that you ever once knew to be true? Questioning why you are really here and what the purpose of all this is! 

Perhaps your Career,  your friends, relationships or your hobbies just don’t feel aligned for you anymore but you can’t understand why!

You desire to hang out in more nourishing spaces with women who GET you and where you are at! 

You start realising YOU are the CYCLE BREAKER in your family and you want to start your healing journey! 

You desire MORE! A different way of living that lights your fire from within and leaves you feeling like you are bathing in the sweet juicy nectar of  your life! 

But you might feel ashamed or guilty of this, as you start to  ask for MORE,  desire MORE,  create MORE!

You’ve been searching the internet looking for answers, following all the spiritual teachers, bought ALL the crystals and the oracle cards but you STILL feel confused AF!

Sister,  if you are reading this like ‘Oh my Goddess that’s me!’ you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that you are not going insane!  Sis, you are going through a…

Feminine Awakening!

Take a deep breath... don't fear!

 Even though it can feel really uncomfortable and scary as the veil is lifted and you start to unlearn all that you once believed to be your true existence, it can also be really exciting!!

This means you get to break down ALL the walls that have kept you in limitation and get to explore all realms and possibilities!  I am here to support you through your FEMININE AWAKENING  process so that you can navigate your way back to yourself in truth and safety. 

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Imagine this...

You wake up and you know that life is changing but you feel safe to embrace the changes knowing you have the safety and discernment to navigate through this awakening journey.

You have women around you who understand you and support you!

You have deep trust in your intuition and know how to use your discernment so that you can live a life that feels joyful, aligned and expansive!

It’s time to use your gifts to live out your purpose, whether that’s finally leaving the career you hate, or having the relationship of your dreams! Having the confidence to express your self or take yourself to places you didn’t think was possible for you! 

Shani held such a safe space for me journey through my awakening. I was feeling so lost, confused and alone and they say when you need it the ‘teacher’ appears! I am so glad I connected with Shani as she helped me to find myself again, led me to trust my body, my  intuition and my awakening path. If you’re considering working with her, just do it! Your feminine will thank you! 

- EmMA o

When I first started to awaken....

I literally had NO clue where to turn! 

Thought I was going totally crazy!

My world as I knew it felt like it was crumbling and I was falling, like Alice, down the rabbit hole and I had NO idea where I would land! 

I Knew something wasn’t right in my relationship, my teaching career that I’d been in for 12 years at the time and felt hugely disillusioned by the life I was living!

I bought ALL the crystals! Followed ALL the coaches, Thought that oracle cards knew ALL the answers to my problems…

Then realised I was outsourcing my power instead of fully listening into my intuition and DISCERNMENT and felt more confused and overwhelmed than ever! 

There is SO much information out there, how do you know who and what to trust? 

 I realised at that point, I couldn’t navigate it alone…

This is why I created Awaken!

Because I KNOW what it feels like when you first awaken and think you’re going crazy! 

Because I KNOW that even though it’s exciting to discover that there is something MORE out there than the lie you’ve been conditioned to live… it feels so frickin overwhelming and confusing! 

I WISH I’d had a safe space to come and be held through this and trust that I was on the right path and that I had everything I needed inside of ME to navigate this weird but wonderful journey

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As a guide, Shani is incredible with her abilities to work with my energies and allowed my being to unfold from the deepest fears and tension I’ve been carrying most of my life! It’s the most seen, held and supported I have ever felt and since working with Shani I’ve left my job that I was unhappy in, found the love of my life and we are traveling around the world experiencing things in full joy! I can’t recommend journeying with Shani enough! 

- Ashley S


Awaken is for you if...

Awaken is not for you if...

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I am here for your journey to Feminine Awakening!

I’ve got your back! 

I support you to step into your sovereignty with the tools, knowledge, inner belief and confidence to do just that!

Whether you believe it or not right now, you are a true natural powerhouse, influencer, decision maker, change maker and you have a sacred mission to carry out on the Earth at this time! 

Now is the time to connect with your own inner knowing, your power and your wisdom and have the tools to feel safe to continue this journey feeling more resourced and empowered! 

Now is your time!

What Does My Journey Look Like? 

The real question is… what will it feel like?

This is a 4 week deep journey that requires you to be fully open to learning HOW to navigate your path as you start to awaken into your feminine.

Through this journey you will have the space to share your feelings, your fears and your confusions in a safe and held space and be given some tools and techniques on navigating the confusion and loneliness that comes with the start of your feminine awakening!

We will work deeply in a safe and sacred container with other women where we will take a journey together to make besties with your intuition, trust your path and support each other as you awaken into your Divine Feminine and leave that wounded feminine behind!

What will we work on?

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I’ll be there to hold you all the way! 

If you are reading this and you feel the pull to join but you want to ask questions or want to be sure it’s the right journey for you, you can book your chemistry call so I can walk you through anything you might want to clarify! 

What Magic is in store for you when you join?

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Shani has a wealth of knowledge, experience and tools to safely guide her clients to work through trauma. During my sessions, Shani used conscious connected breathing, energy work, dance/movement, and guided meditation as a way for me to access my subconscious mind and memories so that I could understand myself better and consciously change limiting thoughts and patterns that were not serving my highest good.

- MAryam K

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Want to journey a little deeper?

Want to get 2 personal 60 minute healing sessions with me and a month of voice note support whilst you are in the AWAKEN container?

Sign up for the Awakening Feminine upgrade option today for only £444!

Hit the link below to get the Goddess treatment sis! 

Join Shani's Facebook group, The Divine School of Feminine Awakening

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A sacred temple space for women on their spiritual awakening path who desire to feel SAFE as they embrace their feminine essence and step into their feminine power and leadership by integrating the High Masculine energy for sacred union, harmony and aligned balance.

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