Are you Someone who

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Always tries to please others?

Strives for perfection?

Is unable to speak your truth?

Struggles to communicate your needs?

Finds it hard to set boundaries?

Lets other people’s beliefs and stories become your own?

Gives up easily to make life easier?

Feels disempowered and exhausted?

Feel like you’ve lost the parts of yourself you are longing to find? 

I see you. I hear you. I honour you and I love you.

Sister, I want you to know that this is NOT your fault!  Those missing pieces of you that you are searching for have been lost under the deep layers of ancestral trauma and conditioning you are carrying through into this lifetime from all your female mothers and grandmothers on a deep cellular level. 

The shame they carried, the times they were silenced, oppressed, felt unsafe to be in their pleasure, were feared for their divine power and their innate healing wisdom. Their magic. Their Alchemy. Their SOVEREIGNTY. 

Time to come home to the TRUTH of who YOU ARE. To RECLAIM the parts of yourself that unify your and embody you as a GODDESS and a QUEEN on this Earth! 

This is not a course… this is an invocation and an immersion to break the chains of oppression and the knots of shame and reclaim your Goddess power. For you. For your ancestors. For your legacy.  

This is the invitation... are you ready to answer the call?

Reclaim your inner goddess

Are You Ready to reclaim the lost parts of yourself
and invoke your Inner Goddess?


Gain more clarity about your soul purpose?

Tap into your intuition and learn to trust it?

Find alignment between giving and receiving?

Integrate your masculine and feminine energies?

Discover what lights you up and brings you joy

To embrace your gifts and shine them out into the world?

To communicate your needs with confidence and clarity

To connect in sacred sisterhood with other Goddess Women?

To step into your Goddess Power and OWN it!

Live your life with AUTHENTIC purpose?

Become a Spiritual Warrior?

Return to YOU?

your are a goddess Shine your Light The Universe needs you
Awaken your feminine

Sister, I know what it feels like to constantly struggle and strive to survive in this masculine world!

I worked hard. Believed I had to to be successful. I was burnt out. Depleted. Exhausted. I shrunk to fit in. I said yes when I meant NO! I said no when I meant YES! I pleased others all the time and forgot about me! I closed off my voice out of fear of judgement. Yep. Sister. I know you’ve felt the same! 

Have you longed to find and shine the real authentic you? The one that wants to be seen, heard and honoured?

To have the confidence to say, “This is ME! Unapologetically ME!  This is what I want to do, and this is the change I want to make in the world.

I am a total Goddess and I shine my light BRIGHT out into the world”.

 I hear ya! Listening to amazing women who had dreams but not the self worth or confidence to carry them though got me thinking. We ALL have a light inside of us that wants to shine out bright! We are all GODDESSES! We all deserve to SHINE! 


Copy of Awaken your feminine


This journey is all about helping you to step into your magnificence and Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess!

Through connecting with the Goddess archetypes, you will learn the tools, knowledge, inner belief and confidence to do just that!


We all know that women are true natural powerhouses, influencers, decision makers, mothers, sisters, daughters and change makers! 

Now Is The Time To Rise Up Into Your Feminine Leadership And Show The World How Amazing You Are!

Why Reclaim Your Inner Goddess?

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Inner goddess solution

How can I reclaim my Inner Goddess?

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Copy of Inner good
The Maiden
The Maiden
Copy of Copy of Copy of Shine your Light The Universe needs you

The Maiden

Goddess Persephone
week 1

Connect in with your eternal youth, playfulness and innocence. 

The Lover

Goddess Aphrodite
Week 2

Tap into your creative and sensual side and harness your power of connection

The Mother

Goddess Demeter
Week 3

Explore the balance of giving and receiving from a place of nurture

The Mystic
Copy of Copy of The Queen

The Mystic

Goddess Hestia
week 4

Use your intuition to connect with your inner knowing and fulfilment

The Sage

Goddess Hera 
Week 5

Integrate your Divine Masculine energy to put your dreams into action! 

The Queen
The Huntress
Empowered Goddess

The Queen 

Goddess Athena 
Week 6

Step into your female leadership and reign sovereign of your world!

The Huntress

Goddess Artemis
Week 7

Step out into your Goddess power and live the life you choose!

Goddess Power

Empowered Goddesses
Week 8

Reclaim your inner Goddess and Shine your light bright into the world! 

Shani is so deep and insightful and really helps me to step into my own power with her gentle guidance and caring approach. I am stepping into my shine and owning my Goddess Power! 

- Sarah.H

What's involved in the course?

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Copy of Empowered Goddess
Copy of Empowered Goddess
Copy of Spiritual mentors

8 Live Online workshops 

Each week we explore a different Goddess Archetype and use her wisdom to integrate it into your life!

Spiritual Mentors 


I will be inviting in  heart-centred women who are experts in their field to guide you closer to Reclaiming your Inner Goddess! 

Bonus Material


You will also get access to a private Facebook Group so you can create a sacred sisterhood and continue with your soul work between sessions

Goddess Mantra

This journey will connect you with the ancient feminine wisdom of the Goddesses and show you all their secret powers to help you reclaim your VOICE, your GIFTS, your FEMININE ESSENCE and SHINE your LIGHT of TRUTH into the world.

What if I told you that through this journey you will feel :

You’d say HEAVEN YES! 

Shani is a healer. She’s led many women’s circles for teens and adults around the world. Connecting to the beauty of it and finding her place in it. She’s encouraging, engaging and loving in her approach and guides you to make your own choices by empowering you to listen to your own heart.

- Rachel C.

How can I sign up?

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I am ready to awaken my feminine magic and reclaim my Inner Goddess! 

I am ready to step into my Sovereign power and claim my throne! 

I am ready to dig deep, break the chains of my ancestors and leave a legacy of love on this planet! 

Includes a 1:1 womb healing session with me 

Payment plans are available 

Please find these options below 

I am ready to awaken my feminine magic and reclaim my Inner Goddess! 

I am ready to step into my Sovereign power and claim my throne! 

I am ready to dig deep, break the chains of my ancestors and leave a legacy of love on this planet! 

Includes a 1:1 womb healing session with me 

Shani has helped me find answers about myself I never knew. She helped me to see the bigger picture of every situation I’m facing and clean up some things in my life so I can heal and become a better version of myself! Thank you so much!

- Sose S.

What My Clients are saying

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Copy of Inner goddess solution

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A space for heart-centred visionaries, Lightworkers, Spiritual Warriors and those looking to step into their shine and light up their Inner Goddess! 

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