1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Session- Integration of Masculine and Feminine Energy

Original price was: £144.00.Current price is: £88.00.


Option for a 45 minute Deep Dive Coaching Call (as well as the workshop) Around the integration of Masculine and Feminine Energy in your Life and Business.

When we are living from the wounded Masculine and Feminine Energy, we are not standing in our full truth and integrity.

This can prevent us from:

  • Showing up in our truth and attracting the right relationships/clients into our lives
  • Showing up in trust and safety in our partnerships, business and relationships
  • Connecting to our true path
  • Sending a clear message in our communication
  • Feeling empowered to use our voice and our story
  • Feeling grounded and secure in our decisions

If you would like a deep dive into this in your life or business, I am offering you a coaching session to go DEEP! I don’t stay on the surface with my clients! Let’s access your inner child and shake up those shadows so you can stand in your TRUTH.

Cost: £88

Usually a value of £144!

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