Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy Unification Workshop- Relationships, Career and Life



How can Masculine and Feminine Energy affect your life, career and relationships?

We are all energy. We are energy in motion. We are constantly shifting, changing, giving and receiving.

We have been conditioned to act a certain way. To behave a certain way. To show up in the world in a certain way. This affects so many of the choices we make. From who we choose to consciously or unconsciously couple with, to the careers we find ourselves drawn to, to the ways in which we approach people, situations and ourselves.

These don’t always serve us or feel fully aligned to our truth.

Does this resonate with you? 

I hear you sister! 

I have been there so many times. Always asking why the same patterns show up in my life and falling into victim  without ever really addressing the deep wounding inside of me.

But I also know it’s your time to SHINE!

To move beyond the conditioning and wounding holding you captive in a matrix that no longer serves you.

This workshop digs DEEP into your wounded masculine and feminine, your inner child hurts and how this plays out in your choices, our relationships and your life.

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